• more details

    Sisterhood of Hip Hop: Momma Drama

    Season 1 Episode 7 (9-23-2014)

    Riding solo for the first time, Brianna struggles to take care of business without “momager” Kiki by her side. Meanwhile, Bia gets career-altering news, and Nyemiah makes an emotional breakthrough that changes her whole outlook on life. Episode 107

  • more details

    Snapped: Robyn Davis

    Season 13 Episode 13 (9-21-2014)

    Best friends band together after a husband’s death, but are they sharing a deadly secret? Episode 1313

  • more details

    Glee: Mash-Up

    Season 1 Episode 7 (9-18-2014)

    Inspired by the students, Will composes a mash-up for a very special occasion. Meanwhile, in a shocking reversal of roles, Sue shows her softer side.

  • more details

    Glee: The Rhodes Not Taken

    Season 1 Episode 4 (9-18-2014)

    Will enlists a former classmate (Kristin Chenoweth) to spice up the glee club and her efforts appear to be going well. But a key member thinks otherwise.

  • more details

    Preachers of LA: Prodigal Son

    Season 2 Episode 5 (9-17-2014)

    When Pastor Jay and Lady Christy’s troubled son comes home, the family must decide whether they can really let bygones be bygones. Pastor Wayne makes a decision that doesn’t sit well with Myesha, and Deitrick puts pressure on Dominique. Episode 205

  • more details

    Preachers of LA: Aftershow: Compromise

    Season 2 Episode 5 (9-17-2014)

    Guests are Deitrick & Dominique Haddon, Jay & Christy Haizlip, and relationship expert Paul Carrick Brunson.

  • more details

    Sisterhood of Hip Hop: Image

    Season 1 Episode 6 (9-16-2014)

    Diamond is faced with the aftermath of her encounter with ex-boyfriend, Soulja Boy. Siya is forced to get in touch with her feminine side, and ghosts from Nyemiah’s past threaten her future stardom. Episode 106

  • more details

    Snapped: Kirstin Lobato

    Season 13 Episode 12 (9-14-2014)

    A troubled small-town teen moves to Las Vegas in search of adventure, but Sin City gives her much more than she bargained for. Is she guilty of a gruesome murder, or an innocent victim of circumstance? Episode 1312

  • more details

    Preachers of LA: Aftershow: Unconditional Love

    Season 2 Episode 4 (9-10-2014)

    Guests are Ron and LaVette Gibson, and Wayne & Myesha Chaney, and psychologist Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis.

  • more details

    Preachers of LA: Honor Thy Father and Mother

    Season 2 Episode 4 (9-10-2014)

    Family ties are tested all around as Pastor Wayne’s mother and stepbrother clash, Ron goes to extremes to protect his niece, and Dominique challenges Dietrick to pull his full weight, both in and out of the pulpit. Episode 204

  • more details

    Sisterhood of Hip Hop: Miami Vices

    Season 1 Episode 5 (9-9-2014)

    The girls head to Miami to celebrate the re-launch of Diamond’s career—but when her ex-boyfriend Soulja Boy crashes the party, things get messy. Meanwhile, Siya attempts to reconnect with Renaye, and Nyemiah’s cold behavior goes too far. Episode 105

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: Reunion Part 3

    Season 12 Episode 17 (9-9-2014)

    Life Coach Laura checks in on the girls' progress with their issues. Dalila gets one last chance to prove herself. Redd is back and full of rage. Episode 1217

  • more details

    Snapped: Colette Reyes

    Season 13 Episode 11 (9-7-2014)

    A devout mother pulls a gun and exposes the problems in her marriage and her mind. Episode 1311

  • more details

    Preachers of LA: Aftershow: Faith Put to the Test

    Season 2 Episode 3 (9-3-2014)

    Guests are Deitrick & Dominique Haddon, Jay & Christy Haizlip, relationship expert Paul Carrick Brunson, and surprise guests.

  • more details

    Preachers of LA: Fallen Angels

    Season 2 Episode 3 (9-3-2014)

    When tragedy strikes a Louisiana congregation, Bishop Noel springs into action to try to save the church. Dominique considers the high road as she deliberates taking drastic measures to improve her marriage and restore old friendships. Episode 203

  • more details

    Sisterhood of Hip Hop: Mo’ Managers, Mo’ Problems

    Season 1 Episode 4 (9-2-2014)

    Siya must decide whether to sign a contract to make a friend her manager, or risk losing her team altogether. Kiki pushes Brianna too far, making her question whether “momager” really knows best. Bia gets a distressing call from her sister. Episode 104

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: Reunion Part 2

    Season 12 Episode 16 (9-2-2014)

    The mayhem continues when simmering tensions between Jada and Britt finally come to a head. Alex’s bad girl status is called into question. Episode 1216

  • more details

    Snapped: Michele WIlliams

    Season 13 Episode 10 (8-31-2014)

    A pretty blonde survives the attack that kills her husband – but will her story hold up? Episode 1310

  • more details

    Preachers of LA: Truth Be Told

    Season 2 Episode 2 (8-27-2014)

    Tensions boil over as an epic face-to-face showdown erupts over the status of Bishop Noel and Loretta's relationship. Christy defends Jay’s decision to confront Deitrick, while Jay attempts to save a young drug addict’s life. Episode 202

  • more details

    Preachers of LA: Aftershow: Love Relationships

    Season 2 Episode 2 (8-27-2014)

    Guests are Ron & LaVette Gibson, Noel Jones, Loretta Jones, and relationship expert Paul Carrick Brunson.

  • more details

    Sisterhood of Hip Hop: Love or Hip Hop

    Season 1 Episode 3 (8-26-2014)

    Fighting with Renaye again, Siya focuses on her career, only to find problems there too. Diamond works on her solo music with the help of rap superstar Eve. Nyemiah turns to her personal life, accepting a date with rapper/actor Mack Wilds. Episode 103

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: Reunion Part 1

    Season 12 Episode 15 (8-26-2014)

    The Bad Girls descend upon LA to settle old scores once and for all. Jada and Slim have targets on their backs and are ready to face the music. Episode 1215

  • more details

    Snapped: Rose Chase

    Season 13 Episode 9 (8-24-2014)

    A family’s suspicion leads them to the grisly truth about a young father’s disappearance. Episode 1309

  • more details

    Preachers of LA: Judge Not

    Season 2 Episode 1 (8-20-2014)

    The preachers plan a community event and sparks fly as Jay confronts Deitrick about the wedding, Bishop Ron clashes with Bishop Noel about Loretta’s involvement, and Loretta herself faces off with First Lady LaVette at Dominique’s Sip N See.Episode 201

  • more details

    Sisterhood of Hip Hop: Rap Battles

    Season 1 Episode 2 (8-19-2014)

    Our female MC’s find that balancing personal problems with professional success is anything but easy. Diamond and Nyemiah clash over respect, Siya has her heart broken, and Brianna starts to realize that family and business might not mix. Episode 102

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: Smell Ya Later!

    Season 12 Episode 14 (8-19-2014)

    As their time in the house comes to a close, Jonica and Aysia make one last attempt to figure out what they mean to each other, while one original gets kicked to the curb before she can cross the finish line. Episode 1214

  • more details

    Snapped: Vonlee Nicole Titlow

    Season 13 Episode 8 (8-17-2014)

    After an alcoholic millionaire dies of seemingly natural causes, an unexpected betrayal reveals there may be more to the victim’s death—and to his beautiful party-girl niece—than first meets the eye. Episode 1308

  • more details

    Sisterhood of Hip Hop: Femme-C's

    Season 1 Episode 1 (8-12-2014)

    Five of todays most promising female MC’s are about to hit it big—if they can overcome their personal obstacles. These strong women are out to prove that they have what it takes to become superstars. Episode 101

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: Easy Come, Easy Go

    Season 12 Episode 13 (8-12-2014)

    Delila’s departure leads to the arrival of a new girl, who is no stranger to one of the Bad Girls. The girls jet to Barcelona and do Spain Bad Girls Style. Blu’s flirtation with new girl, Raesha, stirs resentment from Aysia. Episode 1213

  • more details

    Snapped: Killer Couples: Graham-Wood

    Season 3 Episode 10 (8-10-2014)

    A pair of female serial killers turn a nursing home into a hotbed of sex, scandal, and murder. Episode 310

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: Insults and Injuries

    Season 12 Episode 12 (8-5-2014)

    New girl Dalila's arrival causes instant friction, especially with frustrated Britt. Slim’s inconsistencies derail her friendship with Jada. Episode 1212

  • more details

    Snapped: Killer Couples: Homolka-Bernardo

    Season 3 Episode 9 (8-3-2014)

    A couple’s mutual passion for sex and torture destroys the lives of everyone they encounter. Episode 309

  • more details

    Preachers of LA: First Lady Face-off

    Season 2 Episode 50 (7-30-2014)

    The First Ladies dish on all things Season One, picking up where they left off at the Tea Party. With host Michelle Williams, no subject is off limits, as the women debate marriage, judgment, sex, and what it really means to be a First Lady.

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: Family Affairs

    Season 12 Episode 11 (7-29-2014)

    Family Day leads to confrontation and healing, while Redd's fiery temper finally results in an explosive, game-changing blowout. Episode 1211

  • more details

    Preachers of LA: What Happens in Mancave...

    Season 2 (7-23-2014)

    The Preachers sit down with host Michelle Williams to discuss the hottest topics from Season One. Things heat up as they debate controversial issues within the Church, but tempers really flare when a topic hits too close to home for one preachers.

  • more details

    Sisterhood of Hip Hop: Sisterhood of Hip Hop Preview Special

    Season 1 (7-22-2014)

    Meet Nyemiah Supreme, Diamond, Brianna Perry, Bia, and Siya; the five hot up-and-coming MC’s whose lives and careers are explored in this season of Sisterhood of Hip Hop. Each woman faces obstacles to success, but will do anything to make it to the top.

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: Bad News Brit

    Season 12 Episode 10 (7-15-2014)

    Loren's new positive spin on life leads to tension with Redd and Britt, who continue with their bitter and negative ways, while Aysia finds her voice and gives her boyfriend an ultimatum.

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: That's A Rap

    Season 12 Episode 9 (7-8-2014)

    Redd's over-the-top, flip-flopping behavior tests the limits of Loren and Blu's patience, while Alex finally opens up to her only ally, Jada.

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: Rapper's Anonymous

    Season 12 Episode 8 (7-1-2014)

    Jada's double identity leads the girls to question who she really is, while Blu's attempt to make amends with Diamond puts her relationship with Aysia in jeopardy. Episode 1208

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: A Diamond is Not Forever

    Season 12 Episode 7 (6-24-2014)

    Britt, Loren, and Redd's ongoing beef with Jada escalates into a blowout, sending one girl temporarily packing. Diamond learns the extent of Jonica and Aysia's relationship, potentially damaging Jonica and Aysia's bond forever. Episode 1207

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: REDDemption

    Season 12 Episode 6 (6-17-2014)

    After making peace with Aysia, Britt selects Jada as her new target, while alienation from the Fab Four leads Redd to make a genuine effort to change. Episode 1206

  • more details

    Glee: Dream On

    Season 1 Episode 18 (6-12-2014)

    Will’s former high-school nemesis causes trouble for the club; Rachel struggles with a life-long personal issue; and Artie’s dreams take him on an adventure. Episode 118

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: Seeing Redd

    Season 12 Episode 5 (6-10-2014)

    The girls try to take a break from house drama by heading to Lake Geneva, but simmering tensions finally boil over in a game-changing blowout. Episode 1205

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: The Fabtastic 4

    Season 12 Episode 4 (6-3-2014)

    Although Jada and Redd make amends, the damage has already been done, resulting in a tense house divide. Jonica’s girlfriend Diamond arrives, leading Aysia to wonder where she fits into this love story. Episode 1204

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: A Change For the Bad!

    Season 12 Episode 3 (5-27-2014)

    New Girl Aysia manages to immediately make enemies upon arrival, but a romantic spark with one of the girls could be her saving grace. Meanwhile, Jada and Redd’s failed love connection pushes Jada to a dark place. Episode 1203

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: Model Behavior

    Season 12 Episode 2 (5-20-2014)

    As the roommates grow closer, Alex’s inability to open up results in her being dubbed the new outcast, while Jada’s flip-flopping antics lead Loren to snap. Episode 1202

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: Breaking Bad Girls

    Season 12 Episode 1 (5-13-2014)

    Seven new Bad Girls take the Windy City by storm, but one feisty roommate’s sloppy antics may cause the first day in the house to be her last. Episode 1201

  • more details

    Bad Girls Club: Bad Girls Club: Making It to The Mansion, Chicago

    Season 12 (5-6-2014)

    Bad Girls and fan favorites Natalie and Camilla host an exclusive one-hour casting special introducing each of our new Chicago-bound Bad Girls. Episode 1200

  • more details

    Snapped: Killer Couples: Suzan Carson & Michael Carson

    Season 2 Episode 10 (3-2-2014)

    Two lost and lonely hippies fall in love, deciding to turn their backs on the modern world for a life of hallucinogenic drugs, new-age religion, and a multi-state murder spree. Episode 210

  • more details

    Snapped: Killer Couples: Cynthia Coffman & James Marlow

    Season 2 Episode 9 (2-23-2014)

    A pair of sociopathic lovers fall in love after being locked up in the same jail – and their obsession for one another is only matched by their dual addiction for rampant crime and unbridled mayhem. Episode 209

  • more details

    Snapped: Killer Couples: Alicia Woodward & John Esposito

    Season 2 Episode 8 (2-16-2014)

    A summer romance takes a dark turn when two outcast teens turn a cross-country joy ride into a full on killing spree. Episode 208

  • more details

    Snapped: Killer Couples: Cindy Hendy & David Parker Ray

    Season 2 Episode 7 (2-9-2014)

    An escaped victim of the famous Toy Box Killings exposes a couple whose extreme tastes for sadism and death would shock the nation. Episode 207

  • more details

    Snapped: Killer Couples: Tiffany Cole & Michael Jackson

    Season 2 Episode 6 (12-8-2013)

    When two hard-partying lovers fall on hard times they turn to an elderly couple for help, but the older couple’s generosity is soon repaid with cold-blooded betrayal. Episode 206

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