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On Bad Girls Club Chicago, one roof will house seven headstrong women; Alex, Alyssa, Aysia, Brit, Jada, Jonica, and Loren who are each known for their unflinching ways, but are willing to make a change to their bad girl attitudes.

Reunion Part 3

Reunion Part 3

Season 12 Episode 17
(Aired 9-9-2014) tv-14

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    Reunion Part 3

    Season 12 Episode 17 (9-9-2014)

    Life Coach Laura checks in on the girls' progress with their issues. Dalila gets one last chance to prove herself. Redd is back and full of rage. Episode 1217

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    Reunion Part 2

    Season 12 Episode 16 (9-2-2014)

    The mayhem continues when simmering tensions between Jada and Britt finally come to a head. Alex’s bad girl status is called into question. Episode 1216

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    Reunion Part 1

    Season 12 Episode 15 (8-26-2014)

    The Bad Girls descend upon LA to settle old scores once and for all. Jada and Slim have targets on their backs and are ready to face the music. Episode 1215

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    Smell Ya Later!

    Season 12 Episode 14 (8-19-2014)

    As their time in the house comes to a close, Jonica and Aysia make one last attempt to figure out what they mean to each other, while one original gets kicked to the curb before she can cross the finish line. Episode 1214

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    Easy Come, Easy Go

    Season 12 Episode 13 (8-12-2014)

    Delila’s departure leads to the arrival of a new girl, who is no stranger to one of the Bad Girls. The girls jet to Barcelona and do Spain Bad Girls Style. Blu’s flirtation with new girl, Raesha, stirs resentment from Aysia. Episode 1213

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    Insults and Injuries

    Season 12 Episode 12 (8-5-2014)

    New girl Dalila's arrival causes instant friction, especially with frustrated Britt. Slim’s inconsistencies derail her friendship with Jada. Episode 1212

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    Family Affairs

    Season 12 Episode 11 (7-29-2014)

    Family Day leads to confrontation and healing, while Redd's fiery temper finally results in an explosive, game-changing blowout. Episode 1211

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    Bad News Brit

    Season 12 Episode 10 (7-15-2014)

    Loren's new positive spin on life leads to tension with Redd and Britt, who continue with their bitter and negative ways, while Aysia finds her voice and gives her boyfriend an ultimatum.

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    That's A Rap

    Season 12 Episode 9 (7-8-2014)

    Redd's over-the-top, flip-flopping behavior tests the limits of Loren and Blu's patience, while Alex finally opens up to her only ally, Jada.

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    Rapper's Anonymous

    Season 12 Episode 8 (7-1-2014)

    Jada's double identity leads the girls to question who she really is, while Blu's attempt to make amends with Diamond puts her relationship with Aysia in jeopardy. Episode 1208

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    A Diamond is Not Forever

    Season 12 Episode 7 (6-24-2014)

    Britt, Loren, and Redd's ongoing beef with Jada escalates into a blowout, sending one girl temporarily packing. Diamond learns the extent of Jonica and Aysia's relationship, potentially damaging Jonica and Aysia's bond forever. Episode 1207

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    Season 12 Episode 6 (6-17-2014)

    After making peace with Aysia, Britt selects Jada as her new target, while alienation from the Fab Four leads Redd to make a genuine effort to change. Episode 1206

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    Seeing Redd

    Season 12 Episode 5 (6-10-2014)

    The girls try to take a break from house drama by heading to Lake Geneva, but simmering tensions finally boil over in a game-changing blowout. Episode 1205

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    The Fabtastic 4

    Season 12 Episode 4 (6-3-2014)

    Although Jada and Redd make amends, the damage has already been done, resulting in a tense house divide. Jonica’s girlfriend Diamond arrives, leading Aysia to wonder where she fits into this love story. Episode 1204

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    A Change For the Bad!

    Season 12 Episode 3 (5-27-2014)

    New Girl Aysia manages to immediately make enemies upon arrival, but a romantic spark with one of the girls could be her saving grace. Meanwhile, Jada and Redd’s failed love connection pushes Jada to a dark place. Episode 1203

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    Model Behavior

    Season 12 Episode 2 (5-20-2014)

    As the roommates grow closer, Alex’s inability to open up results in her being dubbed the new outcast, while Jada’s flip-flopping antics lead Loren to snap. Episode 1202

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    Breaking Bad Girls

    Season 12 Episode 1 (5-13-2014)

    Seven new Bad Girls take the Windy City by storm, but one feisty roommate’s sloppy antics may cause the first day in the house to be her last. Episode 1201

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    Bad Girls Club: Making It to The Mansion, Chicago

    Season 12 (5-6-2014)

    Bad Girls and fan favorites Natalie and Camilla host an exclusive one-hour casting special introducing each of our new Chicago-bound Bad Girls. Episode 1200