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Nine feisty BGC All-Stars head back to the mansion for “Bad Girls Club: Redemption." This season, the best of the bad move into a LA mansion, ready to ride the rocky road to change, while making new friends and facing off with old enemies along the way.

Reunion Part 3

Season 13 Episode 13
(Aired 1-6-2015) tv-14

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    Reunion Part 3

    Season 13 Episode 13 (1-6-2015)

    Judi is surprised when she is confronted by Rima. Natalie and Redd divulge their true feelings about their former housemates. Life Coach Laura tries once again to help these Bad Girls see the good in themselves. Episode 1313

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    Reunion Part 2

    Season 13 Episode 12 (12-23-2014)

    Sarah’s frustration comes to a boil with explosive results. Things escalate in a flash when Jada and Camilla face off. Episode 1312