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"Bad Girls Club" moves to sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, marking the first time this series is set in an international location. This season of Oxygen’s fan favorite original series, “Bad Girls Club,” will bring new alliances, new enemies and new attitudes as this fresh group of girls takes on a different city. Mexico will never be the same as these girls know just how to stir up the fun…and the trouble!

Reunion Part 3

Season 9 Episode 16
(Aired 11-5-2012) tv-14

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    Reunion Part 3

    Season 9 Episode 16 (11-5-2012)

    In the conclusion of a three-part reunion, Rima considers making peace with nemesis Mehgan. Also: One last fiery showdown erupts when Julie and Falen receive an unwanted gift. Episode 913

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    Reunion Part 2

    Season 9 Episode 15 (10-29-2012)

    In part two of the reunion, Mehgan is ready to throw down with her ex-BFF's, while Erika singles out one especially devious Bad Girl as her target. Episode 915

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    Reunion Part 1

    Season 9 Episode 14 (10-22-2012)

    In part one of the reunion, the Season 9 girls reunite in sunny LA to hash out the drama that unfolded during the season but spitfire Andrea is particularly thirsty for revenge. Episode 914

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    Fist, Fist, Bang Bang

    Season 9 Episode 13 (10-15-2012)

    Old wounds are opened when the girls are shocked to find their former roommates back at the house for a final, explosive photoshoot. Meanwhile, Falen and Julie grapple with their future after their steamy hookup. Episode 913

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    Match Made in Mexico

    Season 9 Episode 12 (10-8-2012)

    Julie's heartbreak leads to a surprising twist in her relationship with Falen, while Rima finally chooses between Cabo boyfriend, Ricky J, and her on-again-off-again boyfriend from home, Anthony. Episode 912

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    Season 9 Episode 11 (10-1-2012)

    The girls head stateside for their final Pink Kitty performance in Atlanta, but will the ATL greet them with open arms or closed fists? Episode 911

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    Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

    Season 9 Episode 10 (9-17-2012)

    Andrea makes a failed attempt at winning the other girls back and gets in over her head. Meanwhile Ashley is determined to find Mr. Right but will she find him at the club? Episode 910

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    The Tipping Point

    Season 9 Episode 9 (9-10-2012)

    Andrea's bad attitude puts her in the other girls' crosshairs and Ashley steps up to the plate to teach her a lesson. Meanwhile, Zuly looks no further than the Bad Girls Club for some much needed lovin'. Episode 909

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    Season 9 Episode 8 (9-3-2012)

    Sensing her clique is turning on her, Mehgan decides to stand her ground and fight back. Meanwhile sexy new housemate, Zuly, arrives on the scene and ignites a night that will go down in Bad Girls history! Episode 908

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    Stage Bite

    Season 9 Episode 7 (8-27-2012)

    While Christina's departure takes the heat off the remaining Bad Girls, Julie and Falen begin to see Mehgan's true colors causing a rift in their clique. Rima ditches the drama with her boyfriend back at home in favor of a new man. Episode 907

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    Mexican Meltdown

    Season 9 Episode 6 (8-20-2012)

    In the wake of her violent episode, Christina struggles to keep her temper in control as Rima pushes her to the edge. A disastrous visit from Andrea's boyfriend leads her to wonder if he's the right man for her. Episode 906

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    Pretty Girl Bounced

    Season 9 Episode 5 (8-6-2012)

    The girls jet off to sunny La Paz for a vacation with new housemate Andrea. Christina's fiery temper targets Ashley, putting their friendship on thin ice and pushing Ashley to her breaking point. Episode 905

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    Girls Gone Ham

    Season 9 Episode 4 (7-30-2012)

    Rima endures three days of Erica's fury while Julie, Mehgan, and Falen execute their master plan to break up the Sad Girls, sending an unexpected housemate packing. Episode 904

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    The Devil Wears Nada

    Season 9 Episode 3 (7-23-2012)

    Meghan's lingerie themed birthday party forces the girls to put their differences aside, but after a spa day that leaves two of the girls home alone, the house becomes more divided. Episode 903

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    Wash, Rinse, Re-beat

    Season 9 Episode 2 (7-16-2012)

    The fireworks continue in the house as the rivalries heat up between Julie and Christina as well as Mehgan and Rima. The girls gang up on Christina during a night at the bar. Episode 902

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    One Night in Mexico

    Season 9 Episode 1 (7-9-2012)

    The Bad Girls are ready to take Mexico by storm, but tempers run spicy south of the border when instant rivalries are formed. Episode 901