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Who are these women and what drives them to kill? Oxygen's hit true crime series, Snapped, in its 10th season, profiles the fascinating cases of women accused of murder. Did they really do it? And, if they did, why? Whether the motivation was revenge against a cheating husband, the promise of a hefty insurance payoff, or putting an end to years of abuse, the reasons are as varied as the women themselves. From socialites to secretaries, female killers share one thing in common: at some point, they all snapped. Each episode of Snapped chronicles the life of a woman who has been charged with murder. These shocking but true stories turn common assumptions about crime and criminals upside down, and prove that even the most unlikely suspects can be capable of murder.

Whitehead Twins

Whitehead Twins

Season 14 Episode 3
(Aired 11-23-2014) tv-pg

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    Whitehead Twins

    Season 14 Episode 3 (11-23-2014)

    Check out this Snapped episode before it premieres!

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    Tammy Armstrong

    Season 14 Episode 2 (11-16-2014)

    In a classic game of good cop bad cop, a determined detective befriends a Wisconsin woman to solve her boyfriend’s suspicious disappearance. Episode 1402

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    Omaima Nelson

    Season 14 Episode 1 (11-9-2014)

    When a beautiful woman’s much older husband disappears under mysterious circumstances, police suspect that more than just the woman’s story has been cooked up. Episode 1401

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    Selena: Death of a Superstar

    Season 14 Episode 13 (10-5-2014)

    When Latin pop star Selena is found bleeding to death in a hotel lobby, authorities begin to suspect that Yolanda Saldivar-her number one fan and close friend, may not have been as loyal as Selena thought. Episode 1413

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    Verina Childs

    Season 12 Episode 11 (9-28-2014)

    A hunter’s death has authorities tracking a killer, but the trail leads surprisingly close to home. Episode 1211

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    Robyn Davis

    Season 13 Episode 13 (9-21-2014)

    Best friends band together after a husband’s death, but are they sharing a deadly secret? Episode 1313