#killerpost Sneak Peek 107: Alex is Missing
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#killerpost Sneak Peek 107: Alex is Missing

Season 1 Episode 7 Aired 03-10-2016 tv-pg

Alex Kogut's mom frantically calls her daughter's friends to find out if they had heard from her lately.

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    Season 1 Episode 10 (4-2-2016)

    When a popular ladies’ man befriends a beautiful stranger online, he learns the hard way that not every woman is worth the chase or who they appear to be online. Episode 110

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    Season 1 Episode 9 (3-26-2016)

    A troubled woman joins a dating site and soon finds the man of her dreams. When they meet in person he uses their common interests to manipulate her, leaving detectives solving a deadly mystery tied to secrecy, lies, and surprise guests. Episode 109

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    Season 1 Episode 8 (3-19-2016)

    Social media provides an outlet for a young mother to escape her tumultuous personal life. But when online secrecy leads to rumors of infidelity, detectives find her with a knife to the chest, and no suspects around. Episode 108

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    Season 1 Episode 7 (3-12-2016)

    When a popular college freshman sends an ominous tweet within hours of her murder, detectives use the girl’s social media accounts to piece-together the events surrounding her untimely death. Episode 107

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    Season 1 Episode 6 (3-5-2016)

    A young woman shares details about her troubled relationship on social media and is later found murdered and her husband is viciously attacked. Detectives unravel years of secrets between the couple that lead to this unexpected tragedy. Episode 106

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    Season 1 Episode 5 (2-27-2016)

    When a high school football star and his best friend are randomly attacked, it’s up to the police to figure out the motive behind the incident. Before long, social media posts hint that one of the victims is leading a double life. Episode 105

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    Season 1 Episode 4 (2-20-2016)

    When a career opportunity presents itself via social media, a naïve girl ignores warning signs and accepts a suspicious friend request. When she disappears a week later detectives uncover a case of mistaken identity. Episode 104

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    Season 1 Episode 3 (2-13-2016)

    Sarah Ludemann thought she had the perfect life and perfect boyfriend, but when she realized she was sharing her man with another girl, social media became a vicious battlefield of jealously and threats that spilled over into real life. Episode 103

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    Season 1 Episode 2 (2-6-2016)

    Social media posts fuel the flames of jealousy in a teenage love triangle. When things get out of hand one Florida teen learns the hard way that posting threats and insults online aren’t as easily forgiven as a click of the mouse. Episode 102

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    Season 1 Episode 1 (1-30-2016)

    When good intentions turn into mixed signals, dangerous wires get crossed. With the help of the Internet and a CIA operative, “unfriending” leads a Tennessee couple to their deaths. Episode 101