BGC Back for More: Jas's Grandma
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Bad Girls Club

BGC Back for More: Jas's Grandma

Season 14 Aired 08-04-2015 tv-14

“My grandmother would wake up in the morning and say 'Fuck You'” is my favorite quote about a grandma ever spoken.

Available Episodes

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    Birthday Blowout

    Season 15 Episode 7 (4-26-2016)

    Jealous of Kristina’s friendship with Asia, Angela struggles to enjoy her own birthday. The girls go on a pub-crawl/scavenger hunt for Angela’s party. Everyone has fun until the surprise arrival of new sisters and everything changes. Episode 1507

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    Recipe for Disaster

    Season 15 Episode 6 (4-19-2016)

    Jazmyn and Jaimee stick together against the rest of the house, but the lies and violence weigh heavily on Melissa and Allison. A decision is made, sealing Olivia and Diamond’s fate. Girls get ratchet after a night of partying. Episode 1506

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    A Family Affair (and other tall tales) Part Deux

    Season 15 Episode 5 (4-12-2016)

    Olivia reveals a huge secret putting her and Diamond at odds. Kristina seeks refuge from her sister’s constant criticism, while Jaimee and Jazmyn struggle to escape the repercussions of their loud mouths. Episode 1505

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    No Room for T.H.O.T.s

    Season 15 Episode 4 (4-5-2016)

    Torn between her ostracized sister and the rest of her roommates, Diamond finds herself on shaky ground in the house. Four new girls arrive to stir things up, but two of them instantly rub the OG’s the wrong way. Episode 1504

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    Release the Beast and Other Tall Tales

    Season 15 Episode 3 (3-29-2016)

    When replacement sisters arrive, the roommates attempt to drive them out with a wild prank that goes too far. Olivia deals with backlash from her big lie. Tension between Kristina and Angela comes to a head. Episode 1503

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    Twin Some, Lose Some

    Season 15 Episode 2 (3-22-2016)

    The twins can’t seem to shake their role as outsiders and are shocked when their roommates attempt to evict them. Further investigation into Olivia’s medical condition leaves the housemates wondering who they can trust. Episode 1502

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    Sis and The City

    Season 15 Episode 1 (3-15-2016)

    The new batch of Bad Girls arrive in LA with built in allies…their sisters! The twins are immediately pegged as outsiders, the Babicz sisters can’t stop bickering, and Olivia reveals a very serious secret unleashing a storm of emotion. Episode 1501

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    BGC: Twisted Sisters

    Season 15 (3-8-2016)

    Buckle up and get ready to meet the wild cast of Twisted Sisters, as we bring you exclusive sneak peeks into a game-changing season of secrets, lies and bad blood. Hosted by bad girl Tanisha, and commentary from other BGC faves. Episode 1500